How VoIP Service Can Improve a Small Business’s Productivity

First of all—what is a VoIP service?

Voice-over Internet Protocol is a form of technology created to deliver voice communications and multimedia sessions over IP networks. So, in simpler terms, VoIP’s purpose is to make phone calls accessible over the internet. This can cut down on phone bill expenses, making business calls very cheap or even free.

One of the most popular forms of this technology is Skype, a voice and video calling service that allows users to conduct personal or business calls from anywhere in the world, given they have an internet connection.

How does it improve business productivity?

Businesses can take advantage of this ever-growing technology in multiple ways. This evolving technology can be implemented by businesses small and large, for its ability to increase office productivity, communication portability, added business security, and so much more:

  • Reduced communications cost

Installing traditional phone lines for your business can come with hefty costs. By installing a VoIP service, you can cut these installation and monthly fees drastically. Most providers utilize a monthly per-user fee, rather than a fee based on the minutes used. Some VoIP providers even offer the necessary equipment to be installed with your broadband network.

Additionally, instead of having clients or employees call you on your cell phone while you’re out of the office, you can save calling minutes on your mobile device by implementing a VoIP service for out-of-office contact.

  • Increased multi-tasking

With VoIP services constantly evolving and improving, users can now utilize VoIP calling from their computer while working on other projects. Say you’re on the phone with a client, and they want you to pull up a document they emailed over? With new VoIP technology, you can easily access all functions of your computer while staying on the line with your client.

Whether you utilize a headset or a speaker system, VoIP services also allow for hands-free communication. Take advantage of this technology by filling out office paperwork or cleaning your desk, all while communicating through a VoIP headset.

  • Maximized productivity

Because of this increase in multi-tasking capabilities, employees can accomplish more at work while still connecting with customers and fellow colleagues. This service also allows employees to work from home and miss fewer days of important work hours, or spend less time checking voicemails by converting received voicemails into emails to be sent to the employee. This allows for all communication with clients and colleagues to be found in one place, reducing the time it takes for employees to get caught up on messages.

  • Enhanced portability

One of the major benefits of a VoIP service is the ability to access the software from anywhere in the world. Whether you’re on a business trip or working from home, you can access your work line from anywhere. All this requires is an internet connection and a headset or IP phone, and you should be set to make business calls with little to no added cost.

  • Guaranteed flexibility

A VoIP converter can be plugged into any computer to allow for a greater flexibility of use. You or your employees can also access VoIP from mobile devices by installing the software on a phone. This allows your team to be reachable from the business’ work line, even if they are out of the office. Instead of having different software programs or equipment for each form of communications, you can have it all right at your fingertips by installing a VoIP service.

  • Added versatility

With a VoIP service, you are capable of making phone and video calls from anywhere in the world. Just establish an internet connection and you’re ready to go. Whether it’s an important client phone call or a video call into a home office conference, VoIP services allows your business to be incredibly versatile without the necessity of you being physically present.

  • Improved security

Your VoIP service can operate through an encrypted VPN connection to allow your business increased security. Avoid any unprotected calls or possible hacking scares. By encrypting your VoIP service, you can feel confident knowing your business and client information is being protected.

Taking advantage of a VoIP service comes with many benefits for business owners, from increasing productivity in the workplace to saving on traditional phone service costs. Contact Black Tie IT to discover how your business can start benefiting from a VoIP telephone system today!

Internet Safety For Your Kids

The Internet is an incredibly useful tool in today’s world, however it is also overpowering and a little scary at times. Children are exposed to such much at a young age these days thanks to the Internet and easy access. However, despite the downfalls, the Internet can be a fantastic learning resource for kids! There are plenty of educational games and opportunities for children of all ages. If you’re just getting set-up, our team at Black Tie IT can help with the installation of your networks, servers and firewalls, but here are a few tips to help make sure your children stay safe on the Internet!

  1. Have a tech base

Many families these days are incorporating a “tech base” into their household where all electronics must remain. For instance, kids must put their phones there at night or communal iPads and such much stay plugged into the base. Having such a routine makes it easy for parents to monitor how often their children are looking at screens all day and it keeps provides a communal feel (i.e. nothing is too private).

  1. Privacy is Your Best Friend

Before providing your child with their own phone, or allowing them to use the Internet make sure they are aware of how to protect themselves and their information. Often, parents drill basic information into their kid’s heads making sure they know their name, phone number, address, ect., but this can be dangerous information when it comes to the Internet. Don’t scare your children, but make sure they understand exactly what information they should never give out or type in. Discuss with them on a basic level how this information can have negative effects.

  1. Keep passwords private

Kids catch on quick, so don’t think that they’ll forget a password just because you tell them once. Keep the passwords to things like your iTunes account or App store account private so you are able to monitor each purchase or download your child is making. If your kids have to ask you each time they want to make a purchase or download it also helps prevent a sense of entitlement.

  1. Consider Kid-Friendly Searches

If your child is really young, there are some great resources out there to help you make sure they stay extra protected from things they shouldn’t be looking at.  These child-friendly search engines only provide search results for websites that are kid-approved and don’t contain any dangerous or inappropriate links. By allowing your child to use these, you can allow them to roam the Internet without having to worry about what they’re clicking on.

  1. Communication is key

One of the best ways to ensure that your children are being safe on the Internet is to keep them talking. Check in with your kids while they’re playing games or searching things and ask them to tell you about what they’re doing. Hearing them explain what they’re looking at or the types of games they’re playing can help you stop any potential red flags, and also feel more connected to the types of things your child is learning about.