What We Do

Successful business practices begin at the very top. Obtaining the right help at the executive level optimizes the value of all consultations within an enterprise. Utilizing and administering your expertise is essential to the success of your business. Your company has to be efficient as possible in order to build better services, create valuable market tactics, and communicate both swiftly and efficiently.

The key to reaching top performance rests on your ability to maximize the information bolted away within internal systems. Our skilled personnel and industry leading technology partners will help your business attain utmost productivity. Whether you need high-level computer consulting, help with business, basic PC setup and website programming, C-level executive consultation or forensic IT analysis, Black Tie IT has you covered.

Black Tie It makes use of a custom–crafted strategy in our consulting engagements that make it possible for clients to determine and adopt ideal technology and business solutions. You can also take advantage of our extensive experience working with technology business startups and other top companies.

We’ve provided satisfactory solutions for all business types including general business, market research, project management, operations, and creative communications. Let us help your company to achieve the best.

  • Forensic IT Analysis

  • Business VoIP Service

  • IT Maintenance

  • IT Management Services

  • Data Cabling

  • Computer Network Installation

  • Computer Server Support

  • Computer Network Maintenance

  • VOIP Solutions

Our products are budget friendly and provide analysis of your business, technology information, actionable plans, and planning information for budget and effort.

Black Tie IT’s high-level services address how technology is being used in your business and what endeavors are likely to make your company better.


To help our clients become more productive via the effective utilization of technology.

Quite simply, we are focused on helping you maximize today’s technology, tools, and practices to consolidate your processes, and maximize your returns.


Our skilled and expert professional team can help you develop a technology program that will meet your immediate business needs while providing for future improvements. Some consultants only test highly-priced software and hardware devices that may need to be entirely replaced quickly. We help you develop a business infrastructure that will stand the test of time.